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Corporate gifting is a powerful tool to strengthen relationships with your Clients & Customers and boost your team’s morale.

It’s not just about the gift, but the thought behind it. A thoughtful, personalised gift can go a long way in reinforcing a business relationship.

At We Wander, we understand this and offer a range of personalised corporate gifts, from experience vouchers to branded gift cards and hampers formats. Our corporate gifts are not only brandable but tailored to each recipient, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Choose We Wander for your corporate gifting needs and make every gift count.



Experiences are memorable

Experiences are not just a gift, they are a moment of your life. Gifting an experience will not only make someone happy, it will also create lifetime memories.

Offer the gift of choice

We Wander Collections curates hundreds of price matched experiences allowing the recipient to choose their preferred experiences. No additional cost.

Real unboxing experience

We believe that the moment someone discovers their gift is incredibly emotional, this is why we offer a full suite of tangible gifts to keep the unboxing experience intact.

Full Branding Option

We are not only offering to add your logo on our products, we are redesigning our products to match your brand.

Ultra Personalisation

It is more than just a message, every gift is tailored to the each recipient. Bespoke name, image, & message are just some features to achieve ultra-personalisation.


Looking for a Corporate Gifting Solutions with full branding capability and ultra-personalisation?

We Wander is the only on demand fully custom branded and personalised gift solution in Australia.

Bulk orders are available, no minimum order quantity as we can personalise every single of your Corporate gifts.



Staff & Employees Gifts Ideas

Onboarding gift & Welcome packs

Care packs & Wellness experience gift

Milestones & Anniversaries

Farewell & retirement gift

Incentives & Top performers gifts

Executives & Managers gifts

Rewards & Recognition

Clients & Customers Gifts Ideas

New customer gift

Client Anniversary gift

Client Birthday gift

Thank you gift

Referral gift

Occasions & Events

Product Launch & Product activation gift

Giveaway gift

Award nights gift & Speakers gifts

Door prizes & Raffle prizes

EOFY / End of financial year gift

Christmas gifts


When it comes to corporate gifting in Australia, the perfect gift idea strikes a balance between thoughtfulness and practicality. Experience Gifts have emerged as a popular choice, offering memorable and unique experiences that go beyond traditional gift items.

In the realm of corporate gifting, rewards, recognition, and loyalty, We Wander Corporate stands as a leader. Our offerings span across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, providing a comprehensive range of Experience Gifts. These gifts are not just tokens of appreciation but a celebration of professional milestones and achievements.

Each gift from We Wander Corporate comes with either an instant of Fast delivery service under 48h shipping time across Australia, adding to the seamless gifting experience.

We Wander Corporate is committed to providing personalised solutions to meet diverse needs. From prospective clients to valued customers, from dedicated team members to visionary managers, and esteemed board members to valued shareholders, our gifts cater to all.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, We Wander Corporate is your go-to destination for corporate gifting. Explore our Gift Collections today and experience the best alternative to traditional hampers and gift cards.

Corporate gift ideas 2024

Here are the most popular Corporate Gift Experiences included in our Collections:

  1. Lunch for 2 at Nobu - Wanderlust Collection – Best gift for top-performers
  2. Penfolds, Make your own wine - Moments for two Collection – Best end-of-year gift
  3. Dinner at Cutler & Co. - Ultimate Collection – Best gift for corporate clients
  4. 2 Gold Class Cinema Tickets - Inspire Collection – Best gift for a team
  5. Cumulus Inc. Chef’s menu for 2 - Wanderlust Collection -Best Real Estate Settlement gift
  6. endota Rejuvenate Spa Package - Ultimate Collection – Best gift for employees Wellbeing
  7. Oysters & Champagne at Lui Bar – Elite 2 Collection - Best gift for freshly onboarded clients

In 2024, corporate gifting is all about personalisation and experiences. Whether it’s for employees rewards & recognition, rewarding customers & clients loyalty, or celebrating anniversaries, the right gift can make a big difference. For employees,consider personalised gifts that reflect their interests. For clients, experience gifts like a gourmet dining experience in Melbourne, a harbour cruise in Sydney, or a hot air balloon ride in Brisbane can show your appreciation. Remember, a well-chosen gift can strengthen your team, boost morale among staff, and enhance relationships with customers and clients. Let’s make 2024 a year of memorable gifting!


What is the difference between Gift Cards and We Wander Experience Collections?

Imagine being able to choose your own gift, without any price consideration, all offered to you in a stunning gift pack. This is what sets We Wander Collections apart from Gift Cards.

Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards have been a popular choice for their flexibility for years.However, their presentation and the visible price tag often diminish the gifting experience.

We Wander Experience Collections offer the same flexibility but with a superior gifting experience. They allow full branding and personalisation, making them a preferred choice Australia-wide.

Would a Corporate Hamper be the best gift for a Corporate Gift?

Corporate Hampers, once a staple in corporate gifting, have seen their charm fade. Often, the most popular Wine & Dine hampers or Chocolate Hamper fail to please all recipients. No one is to blame as choosing the right gift for someone else is not an easy task. At We Wander, we have made the decision to leave the choice to the recipient. We Wander’s Gift Experience Collections, offer an innovative solution. They provide choice and personalisation, ensuring everyone’s tastes are catered to. And for those who still appreciate a good Gift Basket, Hampers are included in our Collections, striking a balance between tradition and innovation.

What is the difference between Red Balloon Collection Voucher and We Wander Collections?

Similar to Gift Cards, Red Balloon’s Vouchers and Redballoon’s Collection Vouchers offers the choice to the recipient. However, Gifts Cards presents several major drawback, recipients have know the price of their gift, and most of the time, there won’t have access to a price-matched experience. Their choice would either be to loose money if they select a cheaper experience or paying the price difference to access a more expensive experience.

Removing the price tag is generally the first thing anyone does when purchasing a gift, isn’t it?

We Wander’s Experience Collections are the best alternative to Red Balloon’s Vouchers as there is no price involved. When a recipient receives a We Wander Experience Collection, they have access to hundreds of price-matched experience. Therefore, they can select and book any prepaid Experience that is part of the Collection without paying any extra.

What are the best Corporate gift ideas for employee gifts or client gifts?

Corporate gifting is essential to nurture business relationships and enhance employees’ morale.

Here are some of the best corporate gift ideas for employees and clients:

  1. Personalised Gifts: Personalised gifts make a lasting impression. Tailoring gifts to the recipient’s preferences, interests, and needs shows a deeper level of consideration.
  2. Practical Gifts: Practical gifts reflect your company’s care and commitment to employee well-being. Buying a present for the sake of buying something days are long gone!
  3. Wellness Gifts: Wellness gifts such as a live well, work well box, or a wellness experience or gift card can promote health and well-being.
  4. Food and Drink Gifts: Gourmet food and drink gifts are always a safe choice. Whilst Hampers have been a very popular gift, Wine and Dine Experiences are now clearly on the rise.
  5. Luxury Gifts: For a more high-end option, consider luxury gifts, the impact will always balance the investment. We Wander’s selection has
  6. Gift Cards: Gift cards allow the recipient to choose something they really want or need.

Remember, the best corporate gifts are those that are thoughtful, personalised, and show your appreciation for the recipient’s hard work and dedication.

Can I expect fast delivery for my Corporate gift?

Fast delivery on all our Experience Gift Collections is what we do best!

Instant delivery available on any digital Experience Gift Collection.

<48h delivery from the confirmation of your designs on all other Corporate Gift formats in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and all other capital cities.

Do you offer Branded Corporate Gifts? Do you have the possibility to Personalise Corporate Gifts?

Yes and more! We Wander is Australia’s only on demand fully custom branded and personalised gift solution.

Not only your gifts will have your logo on it, but we will also meet your brand guidelines. Our team will design your packagings using your assets or your own designs.

We are also at the forefront of Hyper-personalisation, you have the possibility to fully personalise your recipient’s gift by adding a photo of your choice, and a personalised message directly on the gift packaging. We also give the possibility to record a personalised video message.

The best part is that we don’t have any minimum order quantity, we can start with one gift!

What are the most popular Corporate Gifts? Top 5 most popular Corporate gifts.

The top 5 most popular corporate gifts are:

  1. Customised Stationery: Personalised products, notebooks, pens, and desk organisers are practical and professional.
  2. Gift Cards: These offer flexibility, allowing recipients to choose what they want.
  3. Eco-friendly Products: Reusable water bottles, tote bags, and bamboo utensil sets reflect a company’s commitment to sustainability.
  4. Gourmet Baskets: High-quality chocolates, coffees, or local specialties are a tasteful touch.
  5. Experiences: Vouchers are becoming increasingly popular, whether it is a Spa treatment for your team members or a Dinner gift certificate, experiences are the new things.

We Wander Experience Collections are a harmonious blend of all the top corporate gift elements: they offer the personal touch of customized packaging, the flexibility of a gift card without displaying the price, the eco-friendliness of local experiences over material items, and the high-quality impact that surpasses any gourmet basket, embodying the rising trend of experiential gifts.

How can corporate gifts be effectively utilised in a business setting?

Corporate gifts are a strategic investment that can yield substantial benefits. Here are some of the best ways to use them:

For Staff and Employees:

  1. Onboarding Gifts and Welcome Packs: These can make new hires feel welcomed and appreciated from day one.
  2. Care Packs and Wellness Experience Gifts: These can promote a healthy work-life balance and show that the company cares about its employees’ well-being.
  3. Milestones and Anniversaries: Recognizing employees’ service and dedication strengthens the bond between the company and its employees.
  4. Farewell and Retirement Gifts: These can express gratitude for the employee’s contributions and wish them well in their next chapter.
  5. Incentives and Top Performers Gifts: These can motivate employees and reward exceptional performance.
  6. Executives and Managers Gifts: These can show appreciation for leadership and hard work.
  7. Rewards and Recognition: These can boost morale and foster a positive company culture.

For Clients and Customers:

  1. New Customer Gifts: These can make a positive first impression and start the relationship off on the right foot.
  2. Client Anniversary and Birthday Gifts: These can show appreciation for the client’s loyalty and business.
  3. Thank You and Referral Gifts: These can express gratitude for the client’s support and referrals.

For Occasions and Events:

  1. Product Launch and Product Activation Gifts: These can generate excitement and buzz around a new product.
  2. Giveaway and Award Night Gifts: These can make events more memorable and enjoyable for attendees.
  3. Door Prizes and Raffle Prizes: These can add an element of fun and surprise to events.
  4. End of Financial Year and Christmas Gifts: These can show appreciation for hard work throughout the year and spread holiday cheer.

By carefully selecting and personalising corporate gifts, businesses can strengthen relationships, boost morale, and make a lasting impression. Remember, the most effective gifts are those that are thoughtful, relevant, and meaningful to the recipient.

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Digital gift

Themed Gift box

(Your present is delivered to you by email, and you send it to your giftee)

- You will receive the digital gift in your mailbox automatically after you completed your order.
- The digital gift contains a link to the Experience e-box, send the e-box to your gift recipient's email address when you like, on the day that counts the most.
Ideal for last-minute gifts!

Your present is shipped to the postal address of your choice. 

- Get this gift delivered to the delivery address of your choice. You will be able to choose from several shipping options at checkout.
- This format of present will allow you to add a nice gift wrap as well as a personalised sleeve as an option at the cart page.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

Birthday Cover

Limited Art Edition

(Get a unique birthday cover for you birthday gift. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Offer a one-of-a-kind birthday gift with this cover as unique as your recipient.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

(Limited Edition Art Series now available across all Experience Gift Boxes. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Gift this Christmas a We Wander Experience Gift Box with a limited edition art cover by Grimm-Hewitt, and WilsonPayne.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).