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It's time to take care of your tenants!

Say thank you to your tenants and invite them to enjoy a unique experience of their choice.

Whether it be a lunch at Nobu, a wine tasting at Penfolds or a wellness experience at endota, there’s something for everyone.

Multi-choice Experience Gifts

Elevate your tenant's journey

Welcome Home

Transform your tenants’ move-in day into an unforgettable experience!

Offer them more than just keys to a new home; give them the gift of choice. Our Welcome Home Experience allows new residents to select from a variety of indulgent experiences, ensuring their first memories are as special as their new home. It’s not just a gift, it’s the start of their story in their new community. Encourage your tenants to embrace this unique opportunity to celebrate their new beginning with style and joy.

One year anniversary

Celebrate a year of memories with an anniversary Experience Gift Collection!

As your tenants mark their first year in their home, offer them a unique gift that reflects the joy of the time spent. Our curated experience Collections offers hundreds of price-matched experiences—from gourmet dinners to thrilling local adventures—provide the perfect way to commemorate this special occasion. Encourage your tenants to indulge in this thoughtful gesture, a testament to a year well-lived and the many more to come.

Lease Renewal

Reignite the joy of home with our Lease Renewal Experience Gift Collections!

As your tenants decide to continue their journey with you, show them their choice is valued. Our exclusive Renewal Rewards offer a selection of bespoke experiences to honor another year of shared stories and the promise of more to come. It’s more than a renewal; it’s an affirmation of the community and comfort they’ve found. Inspire your tenants to renew not just their lease, but their commitment to a home filled with happiness and new adventures.


Spread the warmth of the end of year season with our Christmas Experience Collection Gifts!

As the holiday lights twinkle, offer your tenants a token of appreciation that captures the spirit of Christmas. Our handpicked holiday gift Collections includes hundreds of experiences —from cozy winter retreats to memorable outdoor activities—invite them to make merry in the most delightful ways. It’s a heartfelt gesture that turns a house into a home for the holidays and shows your tenants they’re a cherished part of the community.


What are We Wander's Experience Collections?

The We Wander Experience Collections are a curated selection of Experiences that offer recipients the opportunity to choose from a selection of unique and memorable price-matched experiences. Each collection is designed to cater to different interests and preferences, allowing recipients to select an experience that resonates with them personally. The experiences range from luxurious Wine & Dine like a Fine Dining experience at Nobu or a Delightful Wine tasting experience at Penfolds to adventure or relaxing options such as spa days or aerobatic flights. The collections are either fully digital or presented in a beautiful eco-friendly box, accompanied by a book of experiences to browse through. 

How long would it take to deliver my gift?

Fast delivery is our specialty for all Experience Gift Collections!

Any digital Experience Gift Collection can be delivered instantly.

For all other Gift formats in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and other capital cities, delivery is guaranteed within 48 hours of your order's approval.

Why offering a gift to tenants?

  • Creating a Home, Not Just a House: When you give a little something to your tenants, it’s like saying, “I’m glad you’re here.” It turns an empty space into a warm home, and that’s something people want to stick around for.
  • Building Bridges: It’s about more than just walls and rent. A gift is a handshake, a way to say, “Let’s have a great relationship.” It’s about being neighbors, not just names on a lease.
  • Sharing the Good Vibes: A happy tenant is a joy. They’ll chat about how cool their landlord is, and before you know it, you’ve got a waiting list of folks wanting to move in.
  • Mending Fences: Had a little hiccup with the plumbing last month? A small gift at lease renewal can say “Oops, sorry about that,” without making a big deal out of it.
  • The Practical Side: Happy tenants are like gold. They look after the place, they’re on time with the rent, and they save you from the headache of finding new renters every few months.

Thank you for your business

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Digital gift

Themed Gift box

(Your present is delivered to you by email, and you send it to your giftee)

- You will receive the digital gift in your mailbox automatically after you completed your order.
- The digital gift contains a link to the Experience e-box, send the e-box to your gift recipient's email address when you like, on the day that counts the most.
Ideal for last-minute gifts!

Your present is shipped to the postal address of your choice. 

- Get this gift delivered to the delivery address of your choice. You will be able to choose from several shipping options at checkout.
- This format of present will allow you to add a nice gift wrap as well as a personalised sleeve as an option at the cart page.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

Birthday Cover

Limited Art Edition

(Get a unique birthday cover for you birthday gift. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Offer a one-of-a-kind birthday gift with this cover as unique as your recipient.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

(Limited Edition Art Series now available across all Experience Gift Boxes. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Gift this Christmas a We Wander Experience Gift Box with a limited edition art cover by Grimm-Hewitt, and WilsonPayne.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).