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For SME businesses and even more in the Trade Services industry, the practice of gifting is a strategic approach that extends beyond mere expressions of gratitude. It’s about forging enduring relationships and distinguishing oneself in a competitive market.

Experience Gifts, like those provided by We Wander, have gained popularity in this sector, offering memorable and unique experiences that surpass conventional gift items. As a leader in corporate gifting, we understand this dynamic thoroughly.

We Wander is dedicated to offering personalised solutions to accommodate a variety of needs. From potential service clients to valued customers, or high-performing project managers, our gifts cater to everyone.

With an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, We Wander is your premier destination for premium gifting in the Trade Services industry.

Explore our Gift Collections today and discover the superior alternative to traditional hampers and other branded items.

Let us assist you in making a lasting impression in the world of trade services and operations.



Experiences are memorable

Experiences are not just a gift, they are a moment of your life. Gifting an experience will not only make someone happy, it will also create lifetime memories.

Offer the gift of choice

We Wander Collections curates hundreds of price matched experiences allowing the recipient to choose their preferred experiences. No additional cost.

Real unboxing experience

We believe that the moment someone discovers their gift is incredibly emotional, this is why we offer a full suite of tangible gifts to keep the unboxing experience intact.

Full Branding Option

We are not only offering to add your logo on our products, we are redesigning our products to match your brand.

Ultra Personalisation

It is more than just a message, every gift is tailored to the each recipient. Bespoke name, image, & message are just some features to achieve ultra-personalisation.


Seeking a unique & premium gift solutions with full branding & personalisation for your business?

We Wander's on demand gift solution offers fully custom branded and personalised gifts all around Australia.

Large orders are available for bulk gifting, no minimum order quantity as we can personalise every single of your Corporate gifts.



Staff & Employees Gifts Ideas

Onboarding gift & Welcome packs

Care packs & Wellness experience gift

Milestones & Anniversaries

Farewell & retirement gift

Incentives & Top performers gifts

Executives & Managers gifts

Rewards & Recognition

Clients & Customers Gifts Ideas

Handover gift

Rental Gift

Client Anniversary gift

Client Birthday gift

Thank you gift

Referral gift

Occasions & Events

Product Launch & Product activation gift

Giveaway gift

Award nights gift & Speakers gifts

Door prizes & Raffle prizes

EOFY / End of financial year gift

Christmas gifts


In the sphere of business gifting for SMEs and Trade Services in Australia, the ideal gift is a blend of thoughtfulness and utility.

It’s important to note that conventional gifts like Hampers or Gift Cards, while popular, are used extensively across the industry and may not distinguish your brand.

Moreover, selecting the appropriate gift for the right individual can be a challenging task whilst opting for a broader choice offered by Gift Cards always comes with a price tag on your gift, defeating the whole secrecy element of the gift.

Experience Gifts have risen as a favoured choice, delivering unforgettable and distinctive experiences that surpass conventional gift items.

In the corporate gifting landscape, We Wander Corporate is a frontrunner in innovative Gift Solutions for SMEs. Our services extend across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, offering an extensive selection of Experience Gifts. These gifts are more than just tokens of appreciation; they are a celebration of professional milestones and accomplishments.

Every gift from We Wander is accompanied by either an instant or Fast delivery service, ensuring delivery within 48 hours across Australia, enhancing the seamless gifting experience.

We Wander Corporate is dedicated to offering personalised solutions to cater to a variety of needs. From potential clients to esteemed customers, from committed team members to forward-thinking managers, our gifts are designed for everyone.

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, We Wander Corporate is your premier destination for corporate gifting. Discover our Gift Collections today and experience the superior alternative to traditional hampers and gift cards.

Best Business gift ideas 2024

Top 10 Business Christmas Gift ideas, included in We Wander’s Experience Gift Collections:

  1. endota Rejuvenate Spa Package - Ultimate Collection – Best Employee Wellness experience gift
  2. Oysters & Champagne at Lui Bar – Elite 2 Collection - Best Executives & Managers gifts
  3. Lunch at Nobu for two - Wanderlust Collection – Best Client Christmas gift
  4. Dinner at Cutler & Co. - Ultimate Collection – Best gift for Employees Milestones & Anniversaries
  5. Two Gold Class Cinema Tickets - Inspire Collection – Best Product Launch & Product activation gift
  6. Cumulus Inc. Chef’s menu for 2 - Wanderlust Collection - Best End of financial year gift
  7. Penfolds, Make your own wine experience - Moments for two Collection – Best Farewell & Retirement gift
  8. Native bushfood, Seafood & Champagne Cruise - Ultimate Collection – Best Giveaway gift
  9. Chocolate & Wine Tasting Experience at Wine House Hunter Valley - Bucket List Collection - Best Client Birthday gift
  10. Formula 1 Style passenger Experience - Unique Collection - Best Incentives & Top performers gifts


What is the difference between Gift Cards and We Wander Experience Collections?

For years, Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards have been a quite popular choice for SMEs and in the Trade Service industry mostly due to their flexibility. In other words, this is a one-fit-all gift.

However, their very flat presentation along with the prominent price tag is defeating the gifting experience.

Now, imagine being able to select your own gift, with no price consideration, all offered to you in a stunning gift packaging. A fully prepaid gift with no additional cost, yet you can choose what you like...

This is what We Wander Experience Collections are all about, offering the same flexibility as gift cards but with a superior gifting experience and absolutely NO price tag. They allow full branding and personalisation, making them a preferred choice Australia-wide.

Would a Corporate Hamper be the great gift for a SME Businesses?

While Corporate Hampers were once a mainstay in the realm of corporate gifting, their attractiveness has somewhat diminished over time. Frequently, even the most sought-after Wine & Dine hampers or Chocolate Hampers fail to satisfy recipients. It’s understandable, as selecting the perfect gift for someone else can be a challenging task. At We Wander, we’ve opted to give the power of choice to the recipient. Our Gift Experience Collections present a novel approach. They offer variety and customisation, ensuring that everyone’s preferences are accommodated. For those who still have a fondness for a quality Gift Basket, Hampers are incorporated into our Collections, creating a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary.

What is the difference between Red Balloon Collection Voucher and We Wander Collections?

Just like Gift Cards, Red Balloon’s Vouchers and Redballoon’s Collection Vouchers give the recipient the freedom to choose. However, these gift cards come with a few significant disadvantages. Recipients are aware of the price of their gift, and often, they won’t find an experience that matches the price. They would either lose money if they opt for a less expensive experience or have to pay the difference for a more costly one. Isn’t it true that the first thing most people do when buying a gift is remove the price tag?

We Wander’s Experience Collections are an excellent alternative to Red Balloon’s Vouchers because they don’t involve any pricing. When someone receives a We Wander Experience Collection, they gain access to hundreds of experiences that are all priced the same. As a result, they can choose and book any prepaid Experience included in the Collection without any additional costs.

We are at the forefront of Hyper-personalisation, offering you the chance to fully customise your recipient’s gift. You have the option to include a photo of your choice and a personalised message directly on the gift packaging. Additionally, we offer the ability to record a personalised video message.

What sets us apart is that we don’t require a minimum order quantity - we can start with just a single gift! This flexibility makes We Wander’s Recreational Vehicles Industry Gifts a personalised and adaptable solution for both buyers and sellers in the Caravan & Motor Home industry.

What are the best business gift ideas for employee gifts or client gifts?

Business gifting plays a crucial role in fostering business relationships and boosting the morale of employees.

Here are some top-notch corporate gift ideas for employees and clients:

  • Personalised Gifts: Gifts that are personalised leave a lasting impact. Gifts that are tailored to the recipient’s likes, interests, and needs demonstrate a higher level of thoughtfulness.
  • Practical Gifts: Gifts that are practical signify your company’s concern and dedication to the well-being of employees. The days of buying a gift just for the sake of it are over!
  • Wellness Gifts: Wellness gifts like a ‘live well, work well’ box, or a wellness experience or gift card can encourage health and wellness.
  • Food and Drink Gifts: Gourmet food and drink gifts are always a reliable choice. While Hampers have been a very popular gift, Wine and Dine Experiences are now clearly trending.
  • Luxury Gifts: For a more premium option, consider luxury gifts. The impact will always justify the investment. We Wander’s selection has…
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards give the recipient the freedom to choose something they truly want or need.

Remember, the best corporate gifts are those that are considerate, personalised, and express your gratitude for the recipient’s hard work and commitment.

Can I expect fast delivery for my Corporate gift?

We pride ourselves on our speedy delivery for all our Experience Gift Collections! Instant delivery is available for any digital Experience Gift Collection.

For all other Corporate Gift formats in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and all other capital cities, delivery <48 hours is to be expected from the time your designs are confirmed.

Do you offer Branded Business Gifts? Do you have the possibility to Personalise Business Gifts?

Indeed, and beyond! We Wander stands as the sole provider in Australia offering on-demand, fully customised and personalised gift solutions. Your gifts will not only bear your logo, but they will also adhere to your brand guidelines. Our dedicated team will craft your packaging using your assets or your own designs. We are pioneers in the realm of Hyper-personalisation, offering you the opportunity to personalise your recipient’s gift to the fullest. You can add a photo of your choice and a personalised message directly on the gift packaging. We also offer the option to record a personalised video message.

The most exciting part is that we have no minimum order quantity - we can commence with just one gift!

What are the most popular Business Gifts?

The top 5 most popular business gifts are:

  1. Customised Stationery: Tailored items such as notebooks, pens, and desk organisers are not only practical but also exude professionalism.
  2. Gift Cards: These provide versatility, empowering recipients to select what they truly desire.
  3. Eco-friendly Products: Items like reusable water bottles, tote bags, and bamboo utensil sets echo a company’s dedication to sustainability.
  4. Gourmet Baskets: Premium chocolates, coffees, or local delicacies add a touch of elegance.
  5. Experiences: Vouchers for experiences, whether it’s a spa treatment for your team members or a dinner gift certificate, are gaining popularity. After all, experiences are the new trend.

We Wander Experience Collections harmoniously combine all the prime elements of corporate gifting: they offer the personalisation of customised packaging, the flexibility of a gift card without revealing the price, the eco-consciousness of local experiences over physical items, and the high-quality impact that outshines any gourmet basket, encapsulating the emerging trend of experiential gifts.

How can Business gifts be effectively utilised in a SME setting?

Business, gifts are a significant investment that can yield substantial returns.

Here are some of the most effective ways to utilise them:

For Staff and Employees:

  • Welcoming Gifts and Starter Packs: These can help new team members feel valued and integrated from their first day.
  • Wellness Packs and Experience Gifts: These can foster a balanced work-life environment and demonstrate the company’s concern for its employees’ well-being.
  • Service Milestones and Anniversaries: Acknowledging employees’ dedication and commitment strengthens the bond between the business and its team.
  • Farewell and Retirement Presents: These can convey appreciation for the employee’s contributions and extend best wishes for their future endeavours.
  • Incentives and Outstanding Performer Gifts: These can inspire employees and reward exceptional performance.
  • Leadership and Hard Work Gifts: These can express gratitude for the hard work and leadership provided by executives and managers.
  • Rewards and Recognition: These can enhance morale and cultivate a positive company culture.

For Clients and Customers:

  • New Customer Presents: These can create a favourable initial impression and initiate the relationship on a positive note.
  • Client Anniversary and Birthday Presents: These can express appreciation for the client’s loyalty and patronage.
  • Thank You and Referral Presents: These can show gratitude for the client’s support and referrals.

For Occasions and Events:

  • Product Launch and Activation Presents: These can stir up enthusiasm and interest around a new product. Event
  • Giveaways and Award Night Presents: These can make events more unforgettable and pleasurable for attendees.
  • Door Prizes and Raffle Prizes: These can introduce an element of excitement and unpredictability to events.
  • End of Financial Year and Christmas Presents: These can express appreciation for the year’s hard work and spread festive cheer.

By meticulously selecting and personalising business gifts, businesses can reinforce relationships, elevate morale, and leave a lasting impression. Remember, the most impactful gifts are those that are thoughtful, pertinent, and meaningful to the recipient.

Thank you for your business

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Digital gift

Themed Gift box

(Your present is delivered to you by email, and you send it to your giftee)

- You will receive the digital gift in your mailbox automatically after you completed your order.
- The digital gift contains a link to the Experience e-box, send the e-box to your gift recipient's email address when you like, on the day that counts the most.
Ideal for last-minute gifts!

Your present is shipped to the postal address of your choice. 

- Get this gift delivered to the delivery address of your choice. You will be able to choose from several shipping options at checkout.
- This format of present will allow you to add a nice gift wrap as well as a personalised sleeve as an option at the cart page.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

Birthday Cover

Limited Art Edition

(Get a unique birthday cover for you birthday gift. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Offer a one-of-a-kind birthday gift with this cover as unique as your recipient.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

(Limited Edition Art Series now available across all Experience Gift Boxes. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Gift this Christmas a We Wander Experience Gift Box with a limited edition art cover by Grimm-Hewitt, and WilsonPayne.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).